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Modern Taste of Sinantol

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ni Etelya

Modern Taste of Sinantol


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Sinantol ni Etelya is a sinantol / sinantolan / ginataang santol – A Filipino sweet and spicy dish made with grated santol fruit rinds, siling haba, labuyo chilis, pork flavor, garlic, coconut milk and our secret ingredients.

Our sinantol has a modern taste that our customers love it. It tastes sweet, spicy, and a little bit of sourness. The tenderness of our santol meat and the sweetness of coconut oil extracted from coconut milk makes you want to eat more rice.

A very delicious side dish for fried and grilled main dishes or enjoyed on its own with freshly cooked rice.

Product Pricing


Small (160ml)

(1 Pax)

Enjoy this with yourself

Large (320ml)

(4-5 Pax)

Have a feast with your family or friends.


(4-5 Pax)

Longer shelf life (6 months unopen, 3 months opened refrigerated). Ideal for pasalubong and resellers.


Longer shelf life (3 months). Ideal for pasalubong and outside of our delivery area.

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Sinantol / Sinantolan / Ginataang Santol For Sale

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